1.   In early 1930s, the British Air Force maintained a small summer training establishment for its officers and men at Lower Topa in the scenic Murree hills of the Himalayan range. After independence in 1947, the Royal Pakistan Air Force (RPAF) decided to continue a similar use of the place by establishing the School of Administration there for airmen trainees. On1st May 1950 Lower Topa became a regular RPAF station. In August 1951, the School of Administration moved to Kohat and, in its place, pre-entry apprentices training was transferred from Kohat. In 1952, the Defence Committee under the chairmanship of the then prime minister, Liaqat Ali Khan, approved a project of establishing two "feeder schools" to provide flight cadets for training at PAF Academy (the then PAF College), Risalpur. Hence, an agreement was signed with the Air Service Training Limited Hamble (South Hampton), UK to operate and manage the project for first five years. Board of Governors included Secretary Defence as the Chairman and Commander-in-Chief Royal Pakistan Air Force (C-in-C RPAF) Air Vice Marshal L W Cannon as Deputy Chairman.

2.   In May 1953, Air Services Training Ltd, UK, with their British staff, took over the training of pre-entry apprentices on the lines of English public schools at Lower Topa. When the ongoing pre-apprentice courses were completed by January 1954, the only unit that remained at Lower Topa was the PAF Public School. This institution took shape under the dedicated efforts of its first Principal Mr F H Shaw and his team, who rendered outstanding services to make the school a top class, p re-cadet institution. In 1959, after the departure of the British staff the school was manned entirely by Pakistani instructors including the Principal. Initially the School prepared its students for the matriculation examination of the Punjab University.

3.   In July 1967 the school was redesignated as PAF College Lower Topa with the role of educating its students to the mental, physical and moral standards required for entry into the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) as officers in the general duty pilot (GDP) branch. In July 1968, the college was merged with PAF Public School Sargodha. The Topians were accommodated in the Odeon Block and formed Alam and Allauddin Houses.

4.   In 1998 PAF Public School Lower Topa was revived after a gap of almost 30 years in order to meet the needs of PAF for pilots. Group Captain M Tariq Qureshi was appointed principal and was promoted to the rank of Air Commodore in 1999. A group of 120 students were inducted in 8th and 9th class. The entries to PAF Public School, Lower Topa from the very beginning had been in alphabetical order and the school had U, V and W entries when it was amalgamated with PAF Public School, Sargodha. Therefore, the new entries continued that sequence and were known as X and Y entries. The selection was made across the country. The students went through a series of tests before being finally been selected. The tests included written test, medical test, intelligence test and interview. At the end, a merit list of 120 was formed for the two entries.

5.   In April, 2001 Air Commodore M Tariq Qureshi, was assigned the duty of Assistant Chief of Air Staff Education and Air Commodore (Retd) Farooq H Kiyani, former Assistant Chief of Air Staff Education, was appointed the principal, PAF Public School Lower Topa. His successor, Air Commodore (Retd) M Tanveer became the principal in March, 2002. Air Commodore M Tariq Qureshi on his retirement from PAF was asked to once again take over as principal, PAF Public School Lower Topa. To run PAF Public School Lower Topa on British public School lines in its true spirits, PAF decided to train its faculty in Briton and employ British Principal coming from British Public Schools System. In this connection so far four faculty members are trained in UK and Mr David G Hepworth was employed as principal in March, 2007 who left because of his personal commitment in March, 2009 then Wg Cdr M Nasir Javed worked as Acting as Principal for five months. In September 2009 AVM (Retd) Syed Imtiaz Hyder took over as Principal of the School. The senior most entry at present is AF in class 2nd year. Other entries are AH, AJ, AK, AL and AM in class 2nd year, 1st year 10th, 9th and 8th respectively. AN entry induction is under process.


S No. Rank Name Remarks
1. Mr. F H Shaw MBE 1953
2. Mr. G Stott 1958
3. Wg Cdr M Daud 1959
4. Sqn Ldr A S Saggu 1961
5. Wg Cdr Asghar Hussain 1962
6. Mr. P H Harwood 1963
7. Wg Cdr Sulayman Kyani 1967
8. Gp Capt S D Arshad 1968

School Closed

School Revived in 1998

S No. Rank Name Remarks
1. Air Cdre M, Tariq Qureshi May, 1998 - April, 2001
2. Air Cdre Farooq H Kiyani (Retd) April, 2001 - Feb, 2002
3. Air Cdre Muhammad Tanveer (Retd) Feb, 2002 - May, 2003
4. Air Cdre M Tariq Qureshi (Retd) May, 2003 - Mar, 2007
5. Mr. D G Hapworth Mar, 2007 - Mar, 2009
6. AVM Syed Imtiaz Hyder (Retd) Mar, 2009 - To date